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Here are some tips to get maximum marks in English-I SHORT QUESTIONS Please write short questions of 6-7 lines, this is enough. and also write important words with MARKER/POINTER. STANZA QUESTIONS Answer of these questions should be of 3 lines approx., not more than this. POEM QUESTION The length


Here are some tips to get maximum marks in Urdu (For 2nd year   SHORT QUESTIONS Write short Questions in 4 lines. Please don’t exceed 4 lines. your marks will be deducted in this case and will put a bad impact on examiner .Write the IMP words with marker/pointer.

HSSC-II Mr. Chips Important Questions

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Following are the suggested important questions for the novel “Mr.Chips” included in HSSC-II Syllabus :- 1-)First meeting between Katherine and Chips 2-)Katherine is a radical woman? 3-)Changes in Chips after Marriage 4-)There are Contrasting characters in Mr Chips? 5-)Fight between Ralston and Chips. 6-)How Brookfield served in war times