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HSSC-II : Physics : Chap 17 to 21

Here are some important topics of physics-II Chapter 17 to 21 -Hysteresis Loop -Op-AMP -Transistor as Switch -Photoelectric Effect -Concept of Dual nature -Mass Spectrograph -X-Rays -Laser -Fusion/fission

HSSC-I : CHEM : Chap 10-12 by Board Paper Setter

Chapter 10 (a) What is Raoult’s law Give its three statements (b) Define Molarity,Molality and mole fraction © Justify the following facts: (d)Relative lowering of vapour pressure is independent of the temperature. ( e)Colligative properties are obeyed when solute is non-volatile and non electrolyte and also when the solution


Here are some tips to get maximum marks in Urdu (For 2nd year   SHORT QUESTIONS Write short Questions in 4 lines. Please don’t exceed 4 lines. your marks will be deducted in this case and will put a bad impact on examiner .Write the IMP words with marker/pointer.

HSSC-II Pak St. Important LONG Qs

Here is the list of Important long of Pak st. for 2nd year -Aligarh movement -all india muslim league -intitial problems of pakistan -physical and geographical imp of Pakistan -1973 constitution -good governance -pak china relation -foreign policy of Pakistan