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1st Year 2016 Result Statistics

Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE) Islamabad is responsible for conducting HSSC Exans every year and all the regular students of affiliated colleges and other private candidates appear in this exams and have to pass it in order to get HSSC Degree. TOP COLLEGES FOR 1st YEAR

1st year result 2017

Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE), an autonomous body of Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training, Government of Pakistan has been entrusted a spectrum of responsibilities, including curricula recommendation, appointment of examiners and supervisory staff to conduct examinations, ensuring required physical and human resource of all

1st year result

Federal Board of intermediate and secondary education islamabad (FBISE) conduct 1st year examinations every year, 2017 exams were held from 18 april 2017 to 12 may 2017. BEST COLLEGES OFFERING 1st year in Pre Med and Pre Engr. For Boys : Fauji Foundation College for BOYS, New lalazar, Rawalpindi

Merit Position of UET Lahore & Taxila 2016

                                                                University of Engineering & Technology LAHORE & TAXILA Merit List 2016 University of Engg. & Technology Lahore

HSSC-I : CHEM : Chap 10-12 by Board Paper Setter

Chapter 10 (a) What is Raoult’s law Give its three statements (b) Define Molarity,Molality and mole fraction © Justify the following facts: (d)Relative lowering of vapour pressure is independent of the temperature. ( e)Colligative properties are obeyed when solute is non-volatile and non electrolyte and also when the solution

HSSC-I : CHEM : Chap 7-9 By Board Paper setter

Chapter 7 (a) In the equilibrium N2 (g)+ O2(g) ⇄ 2NO(g) ΔH = 91.46 KJ/m What is the effect on the position of equilibrium if (a)Temperature is increased (b) Pressure is decreased (c) Any amount of nitrogen is added (b) Discuss two applications of equilibrium constant (a) Extent of

HSSC-I Chemistry Ch#1-3 , Important Guess by Famous Paper Setter

Section B ( Chapter 1 to chapter 6) Chapter 1 (a) Define mole, Avogadro number, limiting reactant, theoretical yield (b) Actual yield isalways less than theoretical yield (c) Sample problems ( 1.3,1.5,1.7,1.8,1.9and 1.10) (d) Exercise problems 5(b), 6(b) Chapter 2 (a) Write down the important points of Plank’s quantum


Here is the MCQs Key for physics-I


Here are some general tips for Physics-I MCQs -Some of the MCQs are taken from INTERESTING INFORMATION -While some MCQs are numericals based on short formulas in book. -Rest of the MCQs are not difficult,but tricky and you have to attempt them carefully, by understanding the statement. SHORT QUESTIONS

HSSC-I : PHYSICS : IMP LONG Qs : Chap 5-11

Here are some important long questions for Phy-I (Chap 5-11)