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HSSC-I : CHEM : Chap 10-12 by Board Paper Setter

Chapter 10 (a) What is Raoult’s law Give its three statements (b) Define Molarity,Molality and mole fraction © Justify the following facts: (d)Relative lowering of vapour pressure is independent of the temperature. ( e)Colligative properties are obeyed when solute is non-volatile and non electrolyte and also when the solution


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Here is the MCQs key for urdu-II


Here are some important exercises from Long Qs Point of view:- -Graph Questions from Chap 11 -Exercise 12.8 -Chapter 9 full. (very important ) -Last questions of 10.2 , 10.3 -2nd exercise of Chap 13 -Chapter 14 Full (Very important) -Statement questions from chapter 6.


Here are some important exercises of MATH-I

5 Years Old Papers (HSSC Important)

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Now you can download past board papers from there just clicking on the Class Level after clicking on the HSSC-I or HSSC-II , you will be direct to Data Center of Papers where you can download you paper as per your choice. 2016 HSSC-I HSSC-II 2015 HSSC-I HSSC-II 2014

FAQ’s Regarding Certificates (Issuance, Duplicate and Improved)

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FAQ’s regarding Certificate (issuance, duplicate and improved certificate) Q 1. I have passed my SSC/HSSC examination as a regular candidate but did not receive my certificate so far. How can I get the certificate? Ans. The certificates of regular candidates are sent to their institutions within six months after