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English Complete Sentences New Quiz for MCAT / ECAT 2017

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English is the 1 of important subject in Engineering and Medical admission test , mostly students loses their marks in english section for better result in english only practice can makes the highest achievement. here is the english online quiz consist of sentence completed , Eight questions are their

ECAT / MCAT English Vocabulary Quiz Test Online 2017

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ECAT and MCAT have English subject which mostly contains synonyms. here in this online quiz test different words which have different answers are given and each word have 1 correct answer. Students can prepare their self by reading newspaper on daily basis mark the difficult words and find out

HSSC-II Mr. Chips Important Questions

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Following are the suggested important questions for the novel “Mr.Chips” included in HSSC-II Syllabus :- 1-)First meeting between Katherine and Chips 2-)Katherine is a radical woman? 3-)Changes in Chips after Marriage 4-)There are Contrasting characters in Mr Chips? 5-)Fight between Ralston and Chips. 6-)How Brookfield served in war times

HSSC-II Paragraph Correction Tips

If you want to find out the errors in paragraph correction question then you should have grip on following terms ; 1 ). Spelling Mistake 2). Preposition 3). Use of Noun 4). Suitable Adjective 5). Punctuation mark 6). Subject – Verb Compliment Note: Read paragraph twice and then identify

HSSC-II English Essay Writing tips & Important Topics

                       E S S A Y    W R I T I N G   T I P S 1 ). Use Quotes in essay writing and Bold the quotes with blue marker or pointer. 2 ). follow the

Report Writing Procedure for 2nd Year

                        For download Report Writing                                          Report Writing Date:  Jan 21, 2017 To: From: Subject: Reference:   Introduction: (3 to

Important Idioms 2017

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  ABOVE BOARD: All his business with others is above board. AT LENGTH At length they won the match. A ROLLING STONE: A rolling stone gathers no moss. A WHITE ELEPHANT: This old car is just a white elephant to us. AT LARGE: The thief was at large. ALADIN’S