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HSSC-II : Biology : LONG Qs : Chap 21 to 27

Here are some Imp Long for Biology-II From chapter 21 to 27

HSSC-I : PHYSICS : IMP LONG Qs : Chap 5-11

Here are some important long questions for Phy-I (Chap 5-11)

HSSC-I : PHYSICS : Long Qs : Chapter 1-4

Here are some important long questions for Physics-I (Chap 1 to 4) -Precision,Accuracy -Scalar Pdt/Vector Pdt. -Rectangular components -Projectile motion -Work energy principle -Total work done -Work done in a close path. —Stay tuned for next Questions ———————————— Regards Team Education Portal


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Here are some tips for Islamiat (for 1st year) which will help you to get maximum marks. HADITH KA TARJUMA -Please write the part no and Tarjuma, no need to write “Ayat”. AYAT KI TASHREEH -Min. length 2 pages to get 4/4 marks. -Add reference with Marker/Pointer SHORT QUESTIONS