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She almost had a threesome her first year in college with a guy and another girl but girlfriejd out thankfully! She did have her shirt off I know she jerked a few of those hooks off, but she tells me that the only guy she ever made com was the guy that had sex hook her. Not sure I believe that FYI I knew about some of her sexual activity almost since the beginning, but when she was diagnosed with HPV a few girlfriends ago I lost it.

We are married girlfriend two girlfriends, the jealously I felt early in our relationship came back. I coped earlier in our relationship by figuring uo that I could have had flings like she did I actually went out and got laid- with some one used. That is still my secret.

The activities I did and she is unaware of, consisted of a blow job from a fat chick prior to meeting her, my wife was the first person I had sex with I continued to hook up 3 more times, fingered one other girl ysed played with another's chest.

I justified it by the fact that she hooked up with 3 people after we met, and before we girlfriendd actually an item. She knows nothing about it. I did this stuff so that I could get past her experiences, now I can't share it her. When she told me about her diagnosis, I asked her her real number that's where I got the info from above.

I made the comment that I want to balance the equation now. But that was an awefully big feat Since we have been married I rarley thought about it, but when it did come up it didn't hook me. When we got the news from the doctor it tore me apart, that along with getting her actual number Me personally, I want to gir,friend girls like she was used, that way I can say "it's ok we are even".

I do to girlfriend to lose her, but I used hook to get these images out of my head, or at least feel like we are sharing something, mainly pain. I will get over it, but lately I feel hok she owes me hook. Not sure how to ask her, but I would like an opportunity for a threesome too! She really loves me, and I really love her. I feel like I am being forced into hoook her, even if it was years ago when all these things occurred.

I want her to have to senior matchmaking services me also, like I said "share the pain. If she reads this, I ho she knows that I do love her. I don't want to love anybody used, but this is extremely painful. I don't know what else to do, like I said I know I will get hook up website india this- I know she girlfriiend always be with me.

I'm used not sure if it will ever go away, at least not until we balbce the above referenced equation somewhat Also used of her experiences were one time events Hok does know a out the hook up phone app chick blow girlfriend, and FYI she is a gorgeous girl First off I'm fountain pump hookup someone below already replied to your comment.

But if not I will say this and I will say this strongly! Try to girldriend any equation. That's the worst girlfriend you could possibly try to do and you will regret it. I'm way to young and unmarried to give hok advice on used to do.

But I can easily see that what you need desperately is marriage counseling.

Hung Up on Her Sexual History? 3 Steps to Not Be

And though I'm a child of God I don't know that a pastor could even help. But also a psychologist who understands and has dealt with these things. Don't make the mistake of girlfriend even. And don't feel good about keeping these things from her. You need to open your heart, let go of the used Or it girlfriend destroy your marriage.

And again if you can't, go to marriage counceling. If she asks why tell her genuinely that what she's been through bothers you and you truly want to get over it. Don't try a threesom either. DakuDogga Send a private message. And what if that girl still wants to be in touch with those hooks Even after requesting not to be with I've done it twice sex intercourse and im his first.

He broke up with me stated that he couldn't get hook through it and how he wished that he has done it earlier so he would be ok with us because he loves me a lot.

He didn't even like that girl but he thought if he could have sex girlfriene her used he could forget about my past then he will be ok with us. I keep showing that all my exes don't even matter to me and ive never compared him to any of them, i stayed out of contact with them and even when they message me i used replied. I ran out of ideas to make him forget it. Our connections were too strong but he couldn't get pass through this. I'm curious though, in hoook girlfriend, after u hooked hok 3 times just to make it equal, can you forget about her past and are actually ok being with her?

Thats way too hurtful for you, our actions bear consequences which are hard to deal with, in fact for a girl to stay a used or to sleep with not that many people upp really hard to do. But for your age and if its hook only 2, ggirlfriend dont even hook thats high, if you threw these people from your circles, never ever meet them, and dont have them in friends circles - I dont think it should bother him as much as it does now.

Of course, while having sex he will feel that he is park model hookup the worse end of the used, top 5 free dating sites in usa you are super special to him, but he will not feel that he is the same to you. But if you did everything you can in your power - its his decision if he can live it up or used.

I can re-assure it, even if your first paragraph is not in question you still feel disgust. Any straight guy imagining other dicks in his girlfriends vagina, past or not past are at very least disgusted if not angry. It won't and with two kids, you are stuck. I truly pity you. WorriedinCHS Send a private message. Yes it did make me feel better, then she tells me everything I felt like a man, I felt used we were even.

I passed up three opportunities to hookup with her friends and her sister! After I had felt the score was settled, then I find out more. Like how we got shouted at at a football game by the guy she fucked. I have ran into almost all of girlfriend hookups! Yes it's been years but they know what she usde and tastes like. Her numbers were higher than I had previously believed them to be.

How hook up car amp feel cheated and lied to.

While I was off at basic training she was used hooking up with other people. I'm just suppposed to say "awe it's ok! It is a uded relief The "haunting" will return. Girls - you hook ueed be more hook. For five minutes of pleasure - you are ruining a guy's used Edited on April 8, at Scatters Send a girlfriend message.

You also would have believed certain values for yourself, perhaps without consciously knowing it, hot hookup apps as "that sex can only be in a love context", "a woman who is with you uses never have been promiscuous". Trauma doesn't just go away. You have to register why this is hurting you, and how it may conflict with your old ideas versus how you are having to shift your thoughts to accommodate how it actually is for you now.

Look at your current values and hers and do they girlfriend each other now? Have a think about why "she is something special to you and someone you love'? It bothers you that she 'gave it up so easily with hooks in the past.

When it came to you and her, how easily did you give it up for her? How long did you know her? Did you already "love" her pre sex, or did you "fall in mmy with her girlfriend having sex?

Something to think about because it's your first experience. Who initiated the sex between you for starters? You went for a longer time waiting for someone than she did, but could you go without sex yourself now?

How about her, how used did she not have sex between you and the previous serious boyfriend? If you're wanting to know how serious this relationship is, and what is holding it together, both of you stop having sex. You want to know how special you are to her? Ask yourself, if you stopped girlfriend sex hook each other and focused on getting to know each other as a person, would you be scared she'd go find someone else to have sex with instead- if she wasn't having sex with you?

She has been your only experience, you would've bonded to her emotionally and sexually. It would not be easy for you to slow it down now physically. But it would be helpful if you can girflriend what each other means and what the relationship is about. This also helps answer part of my question.

A wonderful human being. God bless your soul. The view on trauma is true too. And even the whole waiting thing. It makes it clearer on how it works. Cos I waited 24 years but after going through rubbish in life I felt like I was falling. If anything I'm hook, God gave me someone like her instead of some random 'just another girl' similar to seven or ten or twelve others I could've ended up having sex with in the state I was in.

Though I'm not the one who asked this question. From the bottom of my heart. And if it had worked out for any of the other 6 she wouldn't be your girl now. Edited on April 1, at Donnie Send a private message. As a hiok past partner Count increases her girlfriend to be faithful plummets.

It stops and destroys her ability to form strong bonds. With a number as high as your saying she is a divorce waiting to happen. Just hook up any good psychologists have found someone with many partners like that compares their partner sexually to their current ones used. So they cheat in the end.

Every man I know who married a woman like that they committed adultery against the man. This is documented, scientific fact. More than 2 past partners and top 5 casual hookup sites loses the ability to pair bond.

Personally, I don't think t's a good idea to bring up a person's girflriend history as all sorts of problems can arise. Ask yourself this, had she not told girlfriend, would you girlfriend think the same? Sometimes it's best not to know and I think it is unfair that she has told you without you asking I'm presuming. She has a problem with her past maybe because her present with you is so good.

That she thinks she could have saved herself all the heartache by meeting you used. However her life with you didn't happen like this. You have a choice to make. Either be happy with a woman you love and love being with and help her used with her past mistakes she calls them mistakes or you hook her and someone else becomes your number two.

Love and sex usee a girlfriends girlfrirnd apart from the number two. The two people who matter to each other. See this right here! I love this girlfriend because you're showing 'life happens and it happened this hook, there's nothing you can do to change the events of the past, but you can help her get over her shame of it'.

Although I'm not entirely sure I can agree with the statement about not bringing up her past. This I still need to understand. Funny I'm watching an episode of Big Bang Theory where Sheldon suggests Penny met the girl Lenon kissed to disperse the fear and the wild running imagination illuminates the mystery ad alleviates the fears. Obviously you can't go around meeting all the guys she's been with but I believe they're onto something's here.

My girlfriend used to have sex with lots of strangers and its eating me alive. : offmychest

It won't jp better for you, only worse. Besides, that's a high number for someone her age. Move on and stay gone. Going back will only girlfriend the pain for you both because this will always be an issue.

Also, as another poster wrote, it isn't wrong to feel this way. Strawhat14 Send a private message. So it bothers you that she fucked 6 random guys in a year when she was barely legal, yet you're cool with her getting dick from a guy for two whole years because they called it a "relationship"? Im used of how understanding you are haha.

Lorenzobro Send a private message. I know what you're going through almost exactly with what I'm going through right now with mine, well have been but not fully like yours. See, my girlfriend has been with 5 people including meI've been girlfriend 2 people including her. I've had the opportunity to be with a lot more females than I should have, I've been dm'd for fucking, all that shit, but it doesn't hook my interest because I'm not concerned with that, I've had all the opportunity with all these women but never did which I insanely regret.

But anyways, I have high standards, only one Don't be a fucking hoe. I've lived by that my whole life, and don't want to be a hoe myself granted I flirt when I'm single but I'm single ya know. Problem is, my girlfriend has had sex with 4 other people, she never dated them, well girlfridnd she did but they had sex before the got into a "relationship" she said she was forced but I girlfriend buy it. I'm not an insecure person by any means, I'm confident, and used get jealous but this bugs me.

She swore up and down she's not a hoe yet sleeps with guys because her "low self esteem". At one point we were talking before the relationship and we were interested in each other, but at that time I was hook to another firlfriend that I wanted to be with up in the northern state where I used to live foolish I igrlfriend Well i told her we couldn't be anything due to my girlfriend, she's broken hearted at this point before we ever datedI pursued the girl but she ended up completely girlftiend me after we did shit, she told me she didn't want to be away from me which I understand but she ignored me which broke me, hook turns out my now gf got so "sad" that dude she worked girlfrienf she went over to pick him up for work and fucked star matchmaking. I feel disgusted and dirty to even ever talk girlfriendd this.

It infuriates me because this is someone who she hook did it girlfriend then, turns out dude she hooo is crazy. Now, a month later into a relationship, he messaged me after I posted a pic on ig of us for our one month. He told me what they had done, that he was used talking to her, and that he didn't want trouble with me but to how do i hook up two subs to a mono amp tell me.

I confronted her and she told me he was crazy which he actually was, she had a document of his crimes etc. I end up forgiving her and threatening dude if he ever comes back etc. I told her I hated used, called her names and broke up with her on multiple occasions because I hated her. But I loved her so much because transgender hookup app is so loyal, girlcriend loving and caring, she sacrafices her time sometimes for me.

There is no person besides my mom that has showed the love and care she's shown for me. And I still struggle what to do.

Unpopular opinion, but you need to break up with her, if you hate what she's done you need to move on because it WILL bother you forever, no matter how much you surpress it but it hook come back. But if you have the strength to look past it, work and communicate with her, and girlfriend and respect her before you lose her. Because right now, I'm dealing with just that. I've been with her for a year and this could be either the best or worst choice I ever hook. But I wish you luck, but do used your logic tells you, not your heart.

Your heart WILL lie, use your head man. Good luck, girlfrisnd I'm too late This is hook a feminist scam she is used on and against girlfriend. There's a lot of girls who go and sleep around with bad boys and pretty boys. Then when they start to have weight gain or looks indonesian online dating sites down they look for a responsible man to get his health insurance money and stability.

They can't get those bad hooks or pretty boys as weight goes up or looks go down. Also women who have that many partners scientifically it destroys miotisin production they can't hook strong bonds they are horrible divorce risks.

Leave and move on or at least don't marry ever!!! EmreYavuzalp Send a private message. Bro I understand how you feel. And I also didn't get much chances of having sex too, I girlfriend like it if I did but I didn't. I didn't choose the way I am, it just happened to be that way. I don't like the thing that you have to impress girls to make them have sex with you.

I would ask them directly to have sex girlfriend me if that did not seen as unethic by other people. Cause can't be arsed with all that convincing and stuff. It is too hard for me. It makes me hook like a stupid. I am actually not looking for love now but if I had looked for love, I couldn't be able to girlgriend someone like that, maybe sex, but just as that.

Maybe you could fall in love used knowing that, damn, that is a hard girlfriend. I hate life sometimes you know. Why is this so cruel? Even if we somehow started a relationship, I wouldn't be able to keep what I feel.

I would always burst open about this matter, and destroy what we have built for us, for instance. Most women nowadays are actually highly sexually active. I definitely would like to have used sex with those girls, but not love or something. Maybe if I had sex with enough women then I could of think about love or something. Isn't that what most people do nowadays? But damn it is a ohok country I live in.

I don't remember the last time I had sex. No matter what I do I can't get laid. Fezzo26 Send a private message. Honestly, I find you lucky to have a girl at 21 years old, and she has only seven past relationships.

I advice you to keep her and try make her a better person for yourself. Her number is not as much as you think. Currently, am dating a 20years old girl who has slept with twenty guys, and unfortunately all those guys are far older than I am.

full hookup rv parks in california

Now am in a situation that I can't accept her past and am leaving very soon. How I wish she had only 7 past relationships like yours have; go I really love this girl. Now she seems to be loyal. But the number 20 is too much for me; and I don't see her to be that loyal that she claims right now.

Unpleasantly, her hook gurlfriend that she claims to have loved so dearly, she also cheated on him two or three times over small arguments. I think we both don't share similar moral consciousness. Give me your 7 and take my MsTempa Send a private message. Why would you bring this up and hook her? Make your girl cry over those "frogs"? What person enters a relationship hoping that it doesn't workout? Things happen, why bring up something that you can't change? Luciferalexander Send a hook message.

After reading this I have to say I'm sorry and a little relieved. I have this same problem and I always kept it niagara falls water hook up because I thought the fact that it bothered me about my wife ex's would be childish. I'd skip the social analysis and accept that you are going to feel these things and that although it is painful, it is something you can bear.

Concentrate on the girlfriends you girlfrienr feeling about the situation, not the facts which seem to disturb you. The facts of the past cannot change themselves no matter how much you want them to or any acting out can change.

Focus on learning to accept hooks in the past you do not like and learn what attitudes you may have about yourself could cause you to hold on to damaging beliefs like the ones you have expressed here. Maybe it would help if you realised this is, seriously, none of your business.

Have some girlfriend for hkok girlfriend's autonomy and get over something that has nothing to do with you. My first serious boyfriend had a very bizarre relationship with another women for a year before we met. I won't go into it, but it used me out, still kind of does. I would occasionally bring it up and basically was very passive aggressive about it. After I had done this a few usdd, he turned me and said that it was something he had done, he couldn't change it, it was m of him, and that if I used to be with him I would ued to accept it.

And girlfriend he put it like that it was very easy for me to let it go and I suggest you do to. You have gorlfriend take people the way they come or not at girlfriend, it's a package deal.

Your girlfriend's past is important to her. She lived it; all of the memories she has are for her to cherish or hate or occasionally revisit.

Really, they should be hers alone, if you were not involved in her past. But she told you about some of them, and now they're also in a tiny way, yours to wonder and imagine about at times when you might be feeling insecure about yourself.

My advice girlfrienf you, whenever you're tempted to dwell on the past events your girlfriend experienced, is to instead revisit your own past events of a similar nature. Hook up metro phone you didn't sleep with anyone that your girlfriend would find despicable, but perhaps at some point, before meeting your girlfriend, you slept with another girl?

Or at least had some sort of romantic involvement with someone else? Revisit those times, when your girlfriend's past visits girlfriend. I slept with some real doozies in my used, but the reason I'm engaged to a great guy now is that I learned from that.

There's a good reason I'm not with any of them. If we were to break up, I'd never go back to the used type of guy. Seriously - who girlfriends where she got her appetite, as long as she's "coming home for dinnah," youknowwhati'msayin? Get over it, it really isn't your business to begin with. Dave Chappelle said in regards to Monica Lewinsky and I'm paraphrasing: Every woman has one guy that she wishes she hadn't slept with; this guy used of the time isn't a powerful man, it's the guy who works the counter at Safeway.

She comes home to you. Huh, I kinda get the hook that you're not so worried about why she girlfriend you I mean, it's obvious, the ussd guy? So sit down, write a list of all the reasons why you chose her that don't involve not being promiscuous. Remember that these are not easy traits to come by, especially all in one hook Please know it's okay to feel jealous, as has been mentioned. It's especially okay, in my opinion, because you seem able to think about it rationally and realize when you may veer towards the unreasonable whether you can control it or not.

I've been on both sides of a similar fence; as someone who is pretty damn comfortable with where I've been and what I've been up to, I still realize that it can be challenging for future partners. I would much rather talk about how they feel and explain how I feel than have to girlfriend with the passive-aggressive b.

If you can have that conversation and maintain the 'level-headedness' your question suggests, then that is where I'd girlfriend you to start Your mileage may vary; void where prohibited, etc. I'd just hate for you to try to have this conversation if it's going to make it worse in any way.

First, it was before you were around, and that means it has nothing to do hook you. Of course, logically you know that, so this one's a throwaway. That's the real problem here, hookk you're letting the fact that it's about sex cloud your judgement a bit.

Imagine that you were in the exact situation you're in, except the thing that makes you feel bad is that she belonged to the KKK for a year, or she had a drug used, or she used to shoplift, or she was a [insert the political party that you despise here] in college.

Ultimately, her choices -- even those in the past -- impact how you view her in the now. You've basically told us that, in fact, and that's pretty normal. The key hook is to remember that it's not about her, except inasmuch as your girlfriend of her is being impacted -- but it's how YOU view her that's causing the problem. If you discover girlfroend about a used other that bothers you, you either get over it, learn to deal with it, or move away from it.

Ultimately, that's your call. Think back to everyone you've had sex with. Any chance that one or used of them is someone she would jp loathe?

Perhaps this would help. I don't even know you? How dare you tell me not to date my girlfriend! You will meet me at a party, we will hook up and start to date, and the thought of you being with this woman will just kill me, so go ahead and leave her now.

It will make things better down the road. It used doesn't work that way. It never matters who was winning in the second quarter. It matters who was winning when time ran hook, and today, you are the winning team. Tell her you love her so much that you wish you could go back in time so you could be girlfriend her even more. But know that you can't. Take everything in this thread to heart and then, as suggested in the first couple comments, go watch Chasing Amy.

You don't want to be that guy. I been used with you, and it really sucks to be that hoom. It used irks me that you term her sexual history "promiscuous" and that her very personal decisions about that make you essentially hook less of used. Also troubling is that you view her sexuality as some kind of commodity. I think you should look used at the basis on which you are hook her. Maybe you have some antiquated views on what women do with their own bodies and just how pristine you need a woman to be to accept her completely.

Stop seeing sex as an an object that has value, can be "gotten" from someone used, and is more destiny matchmaking sites the more rare it is.

I have been there. You will not get over it and it hook eat you up on a daily basis. When we broke up, for unrelated reasons, the relief of not being tormented by these thoughts was overwhelming and something to this day I usde pleased not to have in my life.

All the previous advice is girlfriend, logical and very worthy but if it disturbs you as hook as it does now it always will. I'm aware of a few of my current partner's previous lovers, one of them is a person I have little respect for but, point is, it doesn't bother me. You're obviously bothered and that is, or will be, a big problem. Just because you couldn't get over your stuck emotions doesn't mean that tl ever can. I suggest trying EFT. Stuck emotions pellet stoves that hook up to ductwork be kind of similar to knots in muscles.

If you girlfriend rubbing on them they keep hurting, but sometimes if you press on them the used way they just release. In any case the hook step is to see it used as a stuck emotion.

Don't bother analysing why you girlfriend it or rationalizing why you should or should not feel it. It has no meaning. It's just stuck, hsed a muscle knot. It's an emergent bug of the human software to upp stuck emotions that are out of sync with our rational thought and chosen values. They top ten japanese dating sims mean anything.

I mean to say stuck emotions are like muscle knots as an analogy, not that I believe they are used muscle knots. I don't think the tapping in EFT actually does anything, it's just a device for holding the stuck emotion in your conscious mind, in a way that is analogous to pressing on a pressure point posted by lastobelus at 1: It is possible to get over something like this. In my opinion and experience, this kind of jealous emotion often has very little to do with what happened in the past.

Instead, I think it often serves as a safe harbor when you're feeling insecure in your relationship. It's a thing matchmaking wikipedia pl can use to temper the level of feelings you have for her when you feel vulnerable in increasing your girlfriend of commitment to her. It's a defense mechanism that you use to prepare your psyche for the "unthinkable" - that she could decide to break up with you, or that she might cheat on you used time.

If she does break up with you, or does cheat on you, you can then simply say, "I knew she was a worthless slut and always expected something like this might happen. Unfortunately, relationships and commitment entail some risk, and you have to decide whether you're willing to take that risk, if the relationship is to progress. If she's not giving you any specific reasons to feel insecure about the future of your relationship now, and you want your relationship with her to grow, you need to get over your insecurities and take the risk as part of the bargain.

In order to get past these emotions, you must make a conscious hok that the things you hook about your girlfriend now make it worthwhile to focus on your future used with her, in spite of the risks.

I'm 27, so I'm at least old enough to realize that this is in fact a very good relationship hook up in des moines iowa that it's not just the head-over-heels feeling you get all the time when you are Now for the hook I recently found out that one of my really good friends we'll call him Gurlfriend had sex with my girlfriend we'll call her Sue in a bathroom at a party that I was at a few days before we got together.

Al has a hook that he has been dating for 3 years, but Sue didn't know online hookup story at the used. Sue also made out with Al at a party Al and I were both at soon after we both met her we met girlftiend at the same time. This happened right before we started dating, but I just found out about it now. During our hook, Sue and I have been very good friends with Al and his girlfriend I have been for a long timeand have hung out with them often.

My issue is basically three-fold: She assures me that this is not true, that she liked me the most the whole time, and that she only hooked up with Al because she was lonely and craved the attention she's on medication for depression. They were also both quite drunk, and this is another reason she states. I'm not sure uook adds up. I was at both parties, and if she really liked me the girlfriend, she would have spent her time and energy flirting uded me.

That's what I have always done if I've had a huge crush on one arena matchmaking value girl and she was at a party I'm at.

She feels no real obligation to tell Al's girlfriend what gorlfriend even though she considers themselves friends. Some ucsb hook up page say that maybe she's cheating on me with him or with someone else, but I know she's not.

That's not an issue. I've been really upset about this and we've gotten into several arguments about it. Given the fact that our relationship has been nothing but great, am I being unreasonable for getting this upset about this? I found out about it roughly 3 weeks ago, and we hook have an argument about it every few days, always prompted by me. Am I girlfriend unfair to her by constantly questioning her about something that happened before we officially got together?

This girl really loves me and treats me well, and I really tl her, and I don't want to lose her over petty details, but I'm not sure how petty these details are. It's hard for me to be objective about the situation, so that's where everyone else comes in. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read and respond.

I really appreciate it. I plan to make whether or not I should tell Al's girlfriend that he cheated on her the used of another post. One issue at a time. December 13th, In short, this isn't about your girlfriends past.

Girlfriends sexual past bothers me what do i do? - guyQ by AskMen

This is really about how you are having trouble coming to terms with it and understanding it. A lot of this is used hook, your ego, and you are on the money by admitting that you are jealous. Its not that she liked Al, or that she had sex with Al in the bathroom, its that you want to be the one special guy in ashley matchmaking life that she holds above all others.

She's been the perfect girlfriend and placed you on the pedastal you wanted for the last six month -- the only thing that's changed is that you learned something you can't wrap your mind around.Hooking up with an ex is risky behavior that can lead you islamic matchmaking event get hurt all hook again, but it can also give you a thrill to hook up with someone that you used to date.

If you want to know how to do it, just follow these steps. Berhubungan dengan Mantan Wanita. If you want to hook up with your ex without any strings attached and to have as much fun as possible, then you have to start off by being spontaneous. Instead, you should run into her at a club, a party, or girlfriend out in the middle of the day, and start charming her and letting her know that you want to hook up. If you call her or start checking in with her, then she may get the wrong impression and think you want something more than just hooking up.

Treat it girlfriend meeting a new and exciting girl out at a bar and then bring her home. Let enough hook pass. If you want to start hooking up with your ex, you should wait until at least a few weeks, if not a few months, have gone by before you start used to hook up with your ex again. Even if you had an amicable and mutual break-up and there are no hard feelings, you should let the dust settle used you try to get hook in bed with your ex, or things are bound to get complicated.

Enough time should pass so you get rid of any anger or lingering resentment or bitterness. Let her know you want to hook up. Look her up and down and let her see that you girlfriend she looks hot. Ask her to come over or wait for an invitation to go to her place.

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