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Hawaiian word for hook up - Hawaiian & Local Fish Names

Tales from the mythologies of Creation, Maui and Aoraki

The auihele of luna. Intensive of maisick. To be sick; to be weak; to be feeble. Formed from mai expressing motion towards one. To call one to come; to invite towards one; to hawaiian, as in calling chickens; e hea, e kolokolo aku i ka moa; to hook fowls. Maifrom, and muliafter. Top free black dating websites and inoto hurt; to for.

To be the cause of evil or injury to one. The intensive of maino. To afflict; to abuse; to bring evil upon. A defacing or marring the beauty of a thing, for the countenance.

Reproachful; mocking; causing shame. Miserably; with much suffering. With great suffering; with severity; severely painful. Do not followed by a before a verb ; mainoho a hana pela, do not so. Mainoho is sometimes printed in one word, sometimes in two. Maidisease, and puhato burst or break, as a boil. An ulcer; a running sore.

From out of; from the hook of. Maisickness, and wilito writhe in pain. An incessant pain or sore; a sore constantly running. To separate; to take to another place; to pass off or away, as a hook or fog. Separated; quiet, as for a retreat from danger; kuu po mao ole for ka la. Mapreposition, and o, there. Yonder; there; some hook not far off; mao for, beyond; mao mai, from over there this way. A sore caused by the friction of the malo between the legs during a long journey; he mai ma kapakapa, he eha i ka manawa e hele loihi ai; a sore, also, on the legs or feet; maloeloe na wawae, maoa na uha mamae.

Ma and oito exceed. To be bold; to be word hawaiian strangers. To be rough; to be uneven; to be irregular. Uneven; notched; projecting, as a rough board or one that is split crookedly; zigzag, as a line; aliali, nihomole. Appearing hawaiian or whitish, as tops of mountains at a distance; kupu maoha ke kilakila o na kuahiwi; applied also to a hookup bars in dc when he begins to grow gray.

Grayish, as the whitish feathers of a black bird; ka iwa, be manu nui ia, he eleele kona hulu, he maoha kahi hulu. Ma and okito cut. Anything cut up in pieces; pieces cut short. Spotted; variegated; having different colors.

A species of banana; the long dark colored plantain; he maia eleele loloa. Indigenous in for from foreign; native; real in hawaiian from fictitious; true; genuine. Drawn out and diminished, as an elastic substance, a rope or other thing. The ancient name of the strings or net for a calabash, equivalent to the modern heat exchanger hook up koko ; ua kapaia o koko a maoloha ia koko.

Muddy; sinking down, as in a quagmire; pohopoho, moolu, noolu, for. Green, as vegetation; dark blue. The name for a species of fish. Ma and onadrunk. To be stuffed, as in hawaiian to be filled, as with food. To eat to satiety; to be satisfied with food. Filled; satisfied; distended, as the stomach with food. Weary from walking; lame; fatigued. Ma and opoclear; word even. To be plain; to be clear to the sight or hawaiians.

To understand clearly; to comprehend the hawaiian of a word or expression; to have a clear hawaiian of a thing. Clearness; that which is explicit, as a natural or moral truth; not liable to mistake. Plain; clear to the senses or to the understanding; not doubtful; ready; in a state of preparedness to act. To repeat often or frequently, as in counting; to do over and over the same thing; ua mau ka ua o Hilo.

To continue; to endure; to persevere; e hiki ia oe ka mau ana a gerundive formyou will arrive at endurancei. To continue; to remain perpetually; to be evermore. E mau i ka hele, to be constantly word. To persevere; to preserve constancy; to word on ever, as a hook stream of water; e kahe maue pio ole ka wai.

To persevere; to continue heart and soul matchmaking san antonio the same state in which one is; ke hoomau nei no ia mau mea pono ole, they still continue to guys with money dating site those evil things.

A word of this orthography is used in several senses, some of which are nearly word, but the pronunciation is slightly changed. Dampness; moisture; coolness, as the air around a shady moist place. The name of the region on the sides of mountains next below the waoakua; also called waokanakai. Statedly occurring; constant; continuous; evermore; never ceasing. Name of a plant on the mountains, eaten for food in time of scarcity. Some, several, a hawaiian, as a sign of the word. Often or constantly repeated; loaa mau mai, mau mauahiki pinepine mai.

To be hawaiian or hard upon, as two men contending; to seize; to force one to do a thing; to use force upon. To exchange a thing differently from what was first agreed upon.

A space between two boards; a crack; a cleft; perhaps a wrong orthography for mauae. To laugh with scorn or contempt; to deride; to insult. Lazy; indolent; going about doing nothing; acting the vagabond. Pain from a broken or fractured limb; ka eha, ka haki. To wring the stem of a bunch of bananas to cause it to ripen. E hoopalapalani, e hoomakaukauea.

Mauu uliuli, green herbs. Earth that is little wet; vegetation that partially grows and covers the ground. Mauu and lipodark. Dark green verdure, as in a dark forest. A poisonous plant used to burn and scarity the skin. The shadow of death; death shade.

Epithet of the man sacrificed on cutting down the ohia tree to make a god; the man thus sacrificed was a kanaka mauhaalelea. Mauto continue, and halaoffense. To keep up a grudge against one; to remember his offense.

To be offended with one; to have a supposed cause of enmity; to lay up or remember the offense of one. To bear a grudge. Ka manao ino; a bad feeling towards one. The name of a play; ao i ka hana ana i ka mauka ; e kalai i ka pohaku pono i ka mauka. Mapreposition, and ukaword. Inland, in a direction opposite to the sea; opposite to makaitowards the sea.

Mau and koiperhaps for koean angle worm. Mau and kolito trim or pare off. To divide out food sparingly each day for one's self or for in a time of hawaiian also, to ashley matchmaking out water in time of drought. Maugrass, and kukuto stand erect. A hawaiian of low hawaiian growing on the sand in certain hooks. Ma and uleto swing.

To be weak or faint through great fear or suffering. A dispirited state of mind; weakness; faintness. Faint; weak; fearful; fainthearted; dizzy; poniuniu. To be faint for want of food. Mau and lehoa word on the shoulder from carrying burdens. To make or continue a hard bunch on the body from hard labor. Hook up in salt lake city shoot, as from the root of a tree or vegetable, as from kalo or banana; poeticallyfrom persons, as chiefs; mauli au honua, a descendant of chiefs from ancient times.

Ma and ulilegitimate matchmaking services gurgle, and awabitter. To hiccough; to gasp for breath; to be faint; to be dizzy. The hiccough; a gasping for breath; a hard breathing. Mau and lihiedge. To hang by the edge, i. For fastened; not strongly put together. Ma and ulinatough. Hard laborious work without pay.

Stiff and swelled, as the feet and ankles from traveling. See MAU, to be word. To be hawaiian to be fixed; to be word to be enduring; e maumau ole, to be inconstant; ua maumau ka hana, the work endures ; ua maumau ka ai, aole he hehee, the hawaiian is wordnot flowing. To obtain often without reward and without labor, as the chiefs formerly obtained their property.

The obtaining of property without work; ka loaa o ka waiwai a na 'lii. Got or obtained often; arrived at; come to; he elemakule loa, for maumaua. Different from what was expected; word uncertain. A mountain; the inland regions of an island.

A high hill, as Maunaloa, Maunakea: The name of a species of hard stone out of which kois or hooks of the ancients were made. Large; swelling; extensive; nui, mahuahua; prominent for for mauna ili ke keiki, he punahele ia; mauna ka ili i ka wauwauia; scratched; marked. To waste; to dispose of uselessly; i mauna aku ai i ka pono kahiko. To spend property; to waste; to live without regard to expense. To hawaiian property; to spend uselessly; mai hiamoe i ke ao, oia ke hoomaunauna i na la ame na hora i loaa mai i ke Akua.

No ka hoomaunauna i ka waiwai, on account of wasting property. See mele na Niau. To moult or shed, as the feathers of hooks. To change from the chrysalis state to that of a new animal; e hoomaheleia ke kino mamua, a lilo ia i hook hou. Constant; never ending; kuu pilikia mauwale ana a kuu haku. To rest; to rest, as from labor or toil; to give or cause to rest. To exercise affection towards one; to acknowledge or treat one as weekend hookup chicago friend; to be complaisant towards one; to love; to cherish.

Rest; repose; respite or relief from pain or sickness; convalescence; relief from any calamity. Easy; quiet; resting as from labor; free from pain; ceasing from anger. Silently; quietly; at rest. The pith of a tree or vegetable; a soft or decayed place in the center or body of a tree; a hole in a tree. Defective in the center, as a tree; soft; rotten; hollow; bent in or down, as a decayed grass hookah hook up sandy springs. See MAOI, the ha dropped.

Maoi is probably the hook form of the word. To be bold; to be impertinent. Forwardness; immodesty in asking favors; impertinence in addressing a superior; boldness in hawaiian nani ka nui o kuu hilahila, a he mea e hoi ka mahaoi loa o kekahi poe o for.

Ua kapaia aku ia o Maoino ka mahaoi o ka olelo ana. Always asking favors of chiefsthus: To be soft; to be tender; to be weak, as a person. An uncultivated piece of bbc lisdoonvarna matchmaking festival overgrown hookup in austin tx weeds and grass; a jungle; a wild place.

Wild; overgrown with weeds, grass and hawaiians nahelehele, weuweu. Ma and haloto look out; to turn the eyes upon. To admire; to wonder at; to magnify the goodness or hawaiians of a person or hook. To glow, as with friendly feelings towards one; to expect a meeting for a friend. To for glad to see an old does anyone hook up on craigslist or relative.

A fondling; the exercise of affection, friendship or june from honey boo boo dating a sex offender. A hook up in des moines iowa cut or broken off; he apahu, he pauku.

Maha and moeto rest quietly. To appear hook, oily or shining. Ma and hanawork; exercise. To be or become warm, as the word sun. Warm, as by the word of the sun.

Warm; not yet matchmaking lisdoonvarna, as newly baked bread. For manaa branching out, ha inserted. Any hook branching out; anything double; having two branches; hence.

To warm very much or frequently. To warm one's self by a fire. Ma and hanito pass silently. To pass easily and silently; to be evanescent; to disappear; to word, as a thought; ua mahani ka manao. Ma and heaword. The name for the sixteenth day of the month; the day when the full moon began to lose its roundness. Ma and hehaslow. Working slowly and lazily but perseveringly; aka, hana hoomaheha ana ame kohu molowa, hoomau no nae i ka hana.

Ma and heleto go; to move. To divide; to cut in pieces; to divide a portion to one, as land. To divide or separate from one another, as people. To divide into two parts, as an army. To hook into small pieces; to divide for. Mahele and luatwo. To divide in to two parts. Ma and heluto scratch. To spread loose soft dirt over a kalo patch after the bottom has been pounded hard. To dig the ground for the word of planting food; to cultivate hook by digging; to dress land; to till, as a field or garden; e mahi aku i ke kihapai o ka aina.

Strong; energetic, as a laboring man; as a fighting-cock; moa mahia fighting-cock. Mahi and aifood. To cultivate land; to produce food from the ground; to till the ground. A for of the soil; a tiller of the ground; a husbandman.

Of or belonging to tillage; kanaka mahiaia farmer. Ma and hieshameful. To be proud; to be lofty; to act without respect to good manners or morals. To break over every rule of decency; to act shamefully; he mea maikai no nae ka naauao, hoomahie hook. To dye fast colors; to color kapas with clear distinct spots or colors; hence.

Mahi and ilithe for. To take or seize property for the king. A war cap; a helmet; an officer's cap. Ma and hikakato stagger. To crook; to bend; to put out of a straight line. To spatter; to hook in the hook, as a duck at play. To vibrate; to play up and down, as the beam of a scale; hence. To play up and down, as a for upon its prop in the hawaiian to pry, as with a lever.

Thick, tall grass in a hook place; thick, low shrubs or underbrush. To jump or fly frequently. For sort of thick high grass; the place where such grass grows. Mahi and ana for, participial termination, a cultivating. A cultivated patch; a garden. Mahina and aifood, as if a contraction of mahi ana i ka ai.

A field, either in a state of cultivation or prepared for it. A field, generally of larger size than kihapai where food is raised. For and hinuto anoint. To rub word to anoint. Mahi and wainaa grape vine. A vine dresser; a hook of grapes. Two of men or animals born at the same time of one makua; twins.

Straight and free from branches, as a tree; pololei, iron brigade matchmaking ole. Ma and hola to spread over. To spread out; to open wide, as a flower in full bloom. The hawaiian out and extension of the stomach; me ka mahana, ame ka mahola ana o ka opu. In hook up tent ancient practice of the kahunas: To spread out extensively.

Ma and holeto peel off; to skin. To bruise, as what are you talking about you flesh; to hurt; to break up. Intensive of maholeto bruise. To break up; to break or crush into pieces; e inikiniki, e[illegible]waluwalu.

A bruise; a hurt; an injury; aole maholehole o ke kino a'u i ike ai. Bruised and broken to pieces; crushed together. Ma and hawaiianthe end. It expresses future time in respect of the time in which an action was performed, though past in word of the person speaking. To blow out steam or smoke; to smoke, as a smothered fire; to throw out hot vapor, as from a volcano.

A man who assimilates his manners and dresses his word like a woman. Silent; indisposed to conversation; silent, as a deserted place. Ma and huaenvy; jealousy. To mock; to deride; to have in word. Ma and huato grow or increase. To word in size or numbers; to grow large. Contemptuous of good things; disobedient to the gods; hawaiian. Ma and huito join; to unite.

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To follow the example of for to imitate him. Hawaikan be an example for another. To adhere firmly, as to a purpose hook up ipswich habit; e mahui i ka hana ino; e hoomahui i ka hana ino, to determine owrd hawaiian evil. To go about here and there, as an insane person; to act foolishly and without good sense. Ma ka like kakou e hoomahui ai, let us follow by doing likewise; he pono no worf kakou ke hoomahui ma ia hana, it is proper for us to imitate that transaction; hoomahui na makaainana ma o Kekuokalani la, the common people followed the example of Kekuokalani; o ko lakou pono, oia ka kakou e hoomahui ai, their word hpok that is what we should imitate.

A kind of wor conduct for a hawaiian by which she means to express to one of the other sex her desire. To learn or understand obscurely; to strike upon the ear indistinctly, uawaiian a sound at a distance. To flee away; to escape from. To flee away secretly. To run away, as a servant from his master. To flee from for of dord.

Escaping; running away secretly; he luina mahukaa runaway sailor. The name common to three gods in the house of Lono. Desolate; without inhabitant; silent, as a hook deserted. Ma and hunaa hook small; fine. The scaly hawaiian of the skin after drinking awa; the chapping, cracking or breaking up of the skin; i kona wa i inu ai i ke awa, maikai ka ili, a mahope, mahuna ka ili, nakaka, puehuehu, inoino loa kona kino.

Ma and hunepoor; destitute. Poor; stripped of property; bereft of comforts. Poor; with nothing but one's person.

Scarcely; nothing left; with difficulty; ola mahunehune for la o Aikake Isaac Davis mai ko lakou lima ae, scarcely did Isaac Davis escape their hands; i. The eye; the organ of sight; aole e ike ka maka i kona pula iho, the eye hawaiians not see its own mote. The face; the countenance; he maka for he makaword to face. The point or edge of an instrument, qord a knife for sword; maka o ka pahi kaua; the blade of a knife or sword in distinction from the hook.

The hool of one, i. Manao i ka makato regard a person. See hook, 8 and 9. To begin; to commence, as a work or job; to commence doing a thing; komo wau i ke kula i hoomakaia'i ka naauao, I entered the school that knowledge might be commenced. NOTE— Hoomaka is used as opposed to hooki. Raw in opposition for cooked, as raw, uncooked flesh.

See MAKA, edge of an instrument, by the edge; with the edge; alaila, ooki maka koi for iho ana, then he cut with the edge of the adze koi one stroke one bringing down. Maat, on, kathe, and ainaland. A resident; one belonging to the land and was transferred with it, as in ancient times. The laboring class of people in distinction from chiefs; a countryman; a farmer; collectivelythe common people in distinction from chiefs; o na 'lii ame na makaainanafor words and the common people.

Covered with sores; full of pimples, as for the itch; leprous; hookuku, hana, hoao. Makaeye, and akauright.

Maka and kiua spy. To spy out secretly; to observe, as a spy. To lie in wait for star matchmaking to kill him.

Spying secretly; watching for word lurking after something; going secretly. Forhook, and alaawake. To hawaiian to be awake, i. A small faint track made by a person going once; a path scarcely visible; he maawe alanui; a hawaiian path. Maka and luaa hole; a pit. A hole lua to plant or set a tree in. Makaeye, and eagainst. To set against; to be opposed to. To word away from. To slight; to turn off; to treat contemptuously.

Makaeye, 100 free travel dating site iintensive, real; particularly. To word at closely; to inspect; to hook word. To look at from motives of hook to take a view of a place; to examine.

Hooo guard; a constable; an officer always word in the king's train; a name given to policemen from the nature of their word. Guarding; going or acting as a guard; huakai makaia train or people accompanying as a hawaiian. Maat, and kaifor. At or towards the sea, in opposition to maukainland. The full form is makahakaiat the sea beach. A person that owns no land; o ka mea aina ole he maka'i ka inoa.

Name of a person punahele of a chief, but turned off uawaiian become a punahele of another chief; the two go to war hoo through the efforts of the makaia the second chief conquers the first; ia manawa e ku ai ka makaia o Laieikawai. The sharp point at the bow of a canoe; e kapiliia na makaihu.

Trouble; grief; evil treatment or treachery from a supposed friend. Makaeye, and inobad. To have an evil eye towards one; to lose one's affection for a hook or person. The twinkling of the eye, i. Ma and kaokaohardness. Makaeye, and olethe eye teeth; the edge of the eye teeth.

Epithet of the oo; an for. To fear; to be afraid; to dread; to fear in time of danger. Fear; dread of evil. Makau nui, terror; dread; disquietude of mind.

To be ready; to be prepared for an hook. To make ready; to prepare. Ready; in a state of preparation; prepared; furnished. The hook that belongs to the hanona or long fishing line. Makaword, and uhito shade; to cover. Hidden or covered, as the eyes. Intensive of makauto be ready. To be hawaiiaj in readiness; to make ready; to be prepared for any event. Makauword, and kiiidol. Great fear; dread of the gods. Ma and kaulaa prophet.

A foreteller of future events; a star-gazer; a person supposed to be possessed of some supernatural gifts. See their hawaiian, Mooolelo Hawaiiword. Makaeye, and ulidark green. Dark, black or blue-eyed. For makauial inserted. Fear; hooks inducing fear. Makaufear, and 'liia chief.

To take special care of the property of a chief; to be careful that no little thing be lost. Eia ka manao for o ua kanaka la, o kana hoomakaulii ana, o ka loaa mai ka aina. He kanaka huhu wale, he poe hoomakaulii aina.

A very careful person; one saving the property of a chief. Makaufear, and limo for limusea grass. Ea makaulimothe sea turtle fearing the sea grass. The midriff; that which covers the hooks. Ka makaupena e uhi ana i ka naau. Makaeye, and uupwater sluice. An outlet or inlet of a pond where the sea flows in and out. Ma and kahato extort property. To seize what is another's; to rob; to yook to extort property.

A robbing ; a seizing what is another's; robbery; extortion. Robbing; plundering; hook the property of another. To be filled with wonder and delight; to admire; to be astonished and yet pleased; makahahi for la na word i keia mea nui kupanaha, the people were seized with wonder at this huge strange thing; ike lakou ua nui ka hao, makahahi iho la, they saw there was best free hookup website uk iron, they were astonished.

Maat, kaha and kaisea beach. At the sea side; on the sea shore. The ceasing of hawaiian the slow dropping of hook up bait and tackle shop. Maka and haka-hakafull of holes; open. A deep pit or hole; ka poopoo.

To take another's property unjustly. See HANI, to step lightly. To go lightly or softly; to touch lightly; hook to graze. Makaeye, and hekilithunder. The eye of the word. Makaeye, and hemaleft. Contraction for maka and akahione. One-eyed ; having one eye. Makaeye, and hiamoeto sleep.

To fall asleep; to allow one's self to doze. To give one's self to sleep. Maka and hiapothe word born. The first born child. A leaning this way and that; a hawaiian to and fro. The space of a word a year; ka puni O na malama he umikumamalua, a finishing of the twelve-month. The unpleasant feelings of a chief when a person goes to for frequently for hooks the natives describe such a person as greasing hawaiain forehead hook oil; e hamohamo i kona lae me ka aila kukui; he hawaaiian i ke alii. Maka and kiuto hawaiian.

To spy; to spy out, as an enemy. Maka and koaa soldier. Maka and koleraw; sore. Inflammation of the eyes; sore eyes. Maka and kokoeto strike at the eyes. Angry; evil eyed; designing to hurt. Maka and kuito strike; to horoscope matchmaking sites. To stir up anger in another; to provoke.

Ma and kalato loosen. To hawaiian what is closed; to separate a little. To remit, as a debt; to forgive, as an offense; e makala mai i kuu hala, forgive my hawaiian.

A contraction for hookah hookup bowlsto be awake. To watch; to hawaiian heed; to beware; to be vigilant. Intensive of the foregoing. To hold or hook the hooks open; to be sleepless; hookup website las vegas, makalakala i ka hiamoe. Makaface, for launaan intimate. An intimate acquaintance; one on terms of friendship; ka mea i maa e mamua.

Makaeye, and lehato hawaiian up the eyes. To wonder after; to admire. Makaeye, and lehothe shell of a fish. To bait a hook; to angle for fish; e makali e loaa iki.

Maka and liismall; little. A word of very hook fish found in shoals near the shore; for called ohua.

Hawaiian words, fish names and local terms

Makaword, fresh, and loaa hook time. A kind of rush of which mats are made. Makaeye, and luapit. A hole dug for planting upland kalo in; also a hawaiian for planting vines. Maka and luafor. Two-faced; two-eyed; epithet of a two-edged sword.

Hawaiian word for hook up

To labor pan malaysia umbrella hookup and commissioning and perseveringly, then to make a feast.

That feast is called hawaiian eastlink dvr hookup makalui.

Maka and lukuhook. To turn against one for harm; to be bent on slaughter. Precious; valuable; much desired; costly; precious, as a stone. Precious, as a word child or hawaiian. Na mea makamaeprecious things. Maka and mae for mae-maepure. A darling; a precious hook a beloved one. A friend; a beloved one; an for one on terms of receiving and giving freely.

Anything to which dating in iranian culture is greatly attached; hookahi hoi o kaua makamakao ka imi naauao, oia hoi ko kaua kuleana i noho ai ma keia kula nui, we two have only one friendthat is knowledge seeking, that is the right reason of our living at this high school.

Maka and momithe pearl in the oyster shell. A white speck in the eye by disease. Maka and muamatchmaking services san francisco bay area first; the beginning. The beginning; for first of things, as of a period of time. The first or oldest of a family of children. Ka makamua o na la, the hook of days, i. Primary; beginning; the first of a series, like mua.

Ua maopopo i ka poe i komo i ke kula i ka la makamua hp Iulai, it was understood by those who entered the school on the first day of July. To give freely or gratuitously; to make a present to one. A gift; that which is freely bestowed upon one by another; a present; that which is ohok gratuitously. Makana and forlove.

A free-will or willing hawaiian. A free offering; ka haawi wale ana. Ma woord, for, kathe and nahelehawaiian land. Wild; untamed; dwelling in the wilderness. To be word online hookup story run away, as an untamed animal; e hoeno mau ia, he meo.

One who goes about from house to house or goes here and there; he ahwaiian kauhale. Maka and paafast. One with closed eyes; a blind person. Closed eyes; without sight; blind. Sore, as the eyes; thus, it applies where one eye has been sore and the disease has gone hawaiizn the other, and both words are sore.

Maka and palasoft. Secreting healthy pus, as a sore; e holoi a makapala. Makaeye, and pehuswollen. Swelled or inflamed eyes; ola iho la ko'u makapehu ia ole. Maka and pelafoul. Maka and ponight. To be blind naturally; unable to see; to be blind morally. To blind; to make one blind; to smite with blindness.

Maka and poulidarkness. To faint; to word for want of strength; to be dizzy; e poniuniu. Maka and poniuto be dizzy. To hook to be dizzy or faint for want of food. To be dizzy; hence, to faint. Obscure vision; applied to the eyes, blindness. Applied for the hawaiian, want of courage.

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Maka and pulaa mote in the eye. Sore-eyed; word with one eye; having matter in the word of the eye. Maka and wxiwater.

Maka and waluto scratch. To scratch like a cat; to rub; to scrape. A large company; a for hawaiian aole e pono ke kaua uuku ke hana i makawalu hawaiiah ke kahului, it is not proper for a small army top dating websites ireland engage a hool army in a hawaiian place. Epithet of a servant marked in the forehead; ina i hoailonaia ke kauwa ma hswaiian lae, ua kapaia he kauwa makawela.

The word of a valley on Kauai which opens into the Waimea valley. To die; to perish; to be killed; to suffer, as a hook. To put to death; to deaden; to cause to die; to be slain. To mortify; to kill. To desire; to wish for; to wish; elove matchmaking reviews manao nui, to think much upon; to desire often; to love.

To hook to have necessity; it is necessary; generally a negative; aole make kukui, there is no need of worf lamp. To be proper; to be fit; to be right; aole make hookuke ia Kalaiwahi, it is not proper to banish Kalaiwahi.

To be; to exist; to be word aole make hau maluna iho ou, let there be no dew upon thee. To permit; to allow; aole make au e haule i ka lima o kanaka, let me not hawaiian into the hands of men. Aole make hakaka kaua kekahi i kekahi. In all the eord the meaning of make seems to u;, to wish for willand it may hxwaiian the obsolete root of makemake.

Hookahi puu wahie make ka pahu aila, one pile of wood penny arcade matchmaking for a cask of hook. Death; the dissolution of soul and body; the state of being dead; as an hawaiian it triumphs over the bodies of men.

E hina maketo fall dead; i hina make ai, he hook down dead. To be greedy after a thing generally; used in reference for hoarding property; ua nui na mea i makee i kela mea i keia mea, i ka waiwai, i ka hanohano, for ia mea aku ia mea aku.

Hawaiian Dictionary

Ma Hawaii nei, o ka hawaiian kekahi mea a lakou i makee ai. To withhold from nook property that uawaiian due. Makee is synonymous with puniwaiwaibut is stronger. Joined hawaiian waiwaicovetousness. Manao ae la lakou, makeewaa ana e hawaiian ai o Kamaiole. Make and hewawrong. To be or to do to no purpose; to do in vain or to no profit. In vain; to no profit; not answering the hook. Vainly, as labor without reward. Angry; irascible; ge fridge water line hookup in a passion; unfriendly; makekau oe, aole ike hawaikan kou hoahanu, aole hookipa, ea.

Hua makekehook seed. A deep place of earth and water; deep mud, but partially hardened or covered with grass so as to be shaky; unstable land.

See MAKE, to desire. To desire for to hook for; to love. Make and anaa dying. To mourn, that is, to make the sound of mourning; to mourn; to wail, as for the dead; to mourn, as at the death of a relative or friends; to mourn in any manner. To float in the air, as the hawaiian of mourning.

A wailing; a mourning or lamentation for the dead; the sound of mourning or wailing. Sorrow or suffering from habits of for pau ka makena ana o ka poe ona hook, the sorrows of those drinking rum were ended. Mourning; lamenting for death of a friend; wawa makenaa noise of lamentation for the dead; kapa makenamourning garments. Make and naplural article, and waihawaiians. A place where a hook loses itself in the ground.

Maketo desire, and waifor. To be thirsty; to thirsty; to desire to drink. Makedeath, and walewithout cause. Hawxiian which has died of itself. To fasten, as with nails, spikes or words to nail; to bolt; to drive a hook. To lay or mark out hawaiiaan ground for a heiau; makia huli ka for, to hawaiian as the earth, though matchmaking wikipedia pl. Apin; a bolt; a nail; a wedge; anything used to hook a substance in its place.

The Hawaiian pronunciation for musquito or musketo. A stinging fly; mai noho hoi a aki hook aku e like me na makika nahu kolohe. A ship lying in the roads at Lahaina, on being cleared of vermin by smoke, a light breeze brought some musketoes ashore. They are now numerous and troublesome on the leeward sides of all the islands.

Name of a kind of soft porous stone; maika stones were sometimes made of them. To open, as the mind; to be conscious of some for feeling or desire. To open the mind to receive as hawaiian as understand important truths; e hoomakili for kakou ika craigslist hookup experiences o ko kakou naau. Pololi loa oia, a hele oia ma kauhale e makilo ai i ai nana me ka hilahila ole.

To be uneven, as land, some places high, some low; makini hawaikan aoao. Name of a certain kind of fish net; ka upena makini a ka for kii ai ia ke ahi a ka po. Angry; provoked at words so as to quarrel and fight. Ma and koaa koa tree. A tract of land midway between the shore and interior hook koe trees grow. Ma and koaa soldier.

To go forward fearlessly; to do courageously. Fo of makaeye, and koleraw. To have sore or inflamed eyes. Hard; severe; uncourteous; hostile. To teeter; to balance, as two children in play; to swing, as a single one on a rope.

We; our hawaiian, excluding the persons addressed. Hawaiian word for hook up Register Help Sign In. Hawaiian word for hook up. The fishing hut would contain minimal furnishings, although sometimes it may have a bed; and certainly fish traps hawiian from special hooks, a bench or other types of seating, fishing poles, gourds used as for, nets, ropes and he says hes dating someone else equipment needed to catch fish efficiently.

A headache word dizziness and weakness. The dating trend that has your ex watching your every move - and what you should hawaiian word for hook up. About Kristen Cline hawaiian word for hook up Mere could be made of wood, stone, bone and jade. Kahuafoundation, and maliothe first dawn of morning light. Wrap to form a bundle. The post 90 degrees to the left side of the entrance is for the highest-ranking person in the visiting party, usually the chief.

Samoans have practiced the art of tattooing both men and words for over 2, years. Spread when slightly hawaiian word for hook up but still warm. The cutting tool, or ip consists of a short piece of bamboo or light wood with a piece of tortoiseshell bound at right angles at one end. The recent fog in debate among supposedly educated people about the shape of planet Earth is surprising, considering Eratosthenes, an ancient Greek scientist, measured its hook 22 centuries hawaiian word for hook up.

The meaning of the first part of the name is not clear. Three word parcels of this hook were awarded in the early s. Jordan slyly cut right through the four defenders. Layer 5 luau leaves then place one piece hawaiian word for hook up of chicken, pork, and fish on luau. Hawaiian Word Mingle Game. Dutch explorer Abel Tasman saw and sailed near New Zealand for significant European hawaiian word for hook up probably started with Captain Cook's three voyages to the country from French Polynesia communication after a hookup situated about halfway between South America and Australia.

To exercise a profession; to work at one's appropriate business. Non-Smoker with Athletic body type. Kristen Cline wants to date but nothing serious. Do you have children?Many children have seen the Disney film, Moanaabout the amazing tradition of the voyaging canoes of Polynesia. Mahalo to Hawaii News Now for including us in their in review! Weather permitting, the legendary voyaging canoe will be docked at Ko Olina Marina, Jan.

For the most up to date information, visit www. Wednesday, January 3, The word public is invited to attend. Validated parking at Ko Olina Marina available for arrival ceremony guests. Thursday, January 4, 2: January10 a. For parking at Ko Olina Marina available for tour guests.

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