Adobe Photo Shop Easy URDU Notes Class 2 – Tools Types and their Functions

Adobe Photoshop is 1 of the important software for computer developers and people earn a lots of money from free lancing every thing editors can do with this software , learning this software is very important for every one so that they have skills to stand . By learning this You can earn money online around 500$ its depends on your skills how much u have skills.

In first class you learned about the basics of tools and how to use the tool how to move the tool how to select the tool In class 2 you will learn about the tools types like Slice tool , healing tool, clone stamp tool, pattern stamp tool, brush tool, history brush tool, eraser tool,  gradient tool , these are all the types of tools here is the lecture first


                                                              ADOBE PHOTOSHOP URDU NOTES CLASS-1

class 2 will brief you about the tools types and their main purpose and use

hope you guys will learn this and may this will help you to understand the basic use of Adobe Photoshop. This era is called the era of technology so its very important to learn these types of software and at least fulfill your expensive and earn the skills.

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