HSSC-I Chemistry Ch#4-6 , Important Guess Questions by Famous Paper Setter

Chapter 4
(a) Write three applications of Dalton”s Law of partial pressure
(b) Give the postulates of Kinetic Molecular Theory of Gases
(c) Derivation of critical form of Charle’s law
(d) Derive the relationship between Kinetic energy and temperature
(e) Derive Graham’s law of diffusion on the basis of kinetic theory of gases
(f) Sample problems 4.8,4.15,4.16,4.20
(g) Exercise problems 11,12,17,19 (b)
Long Questions
(a) Derive Vander Waals equation for real gases
(b) Deviation from idear gas behaviour

Chapter 5
(a) Specify the predominant intermolecular force involved for each substance given below
(1) CH3OH (2) CH4 (3) CH3F (4) HCl(g) (6) I2 (7) CH3COCH3
(b) Why is the boiling point of water much higher than the rest of the hydrides in group 6?
(c) Why does the boiling point of the group 4 hydrides increase form CH4 to GeH4?
(d) What are the factors affecting viscosity
(e) What are the factors affecting evaporation
(f) What is surface tension? Give its units.
(g) Give three applications of hydrogen bonding
(h) Define Vapour pressure and what are the factors affecting Vapour Pressure

Chapter 6
(a) What type of crystal will each of the following substances form in its solid state?
(a) CO2 (b)SiO2 (c) C(diamond) (d) NaNO3(e) Al (f) SO2
(b) Explain the allotrops of oxygen and also draw a diagram how ozone protects earth from ultraviolet
(c) Electrical conductivity of metal decreases with increase in temperature.Why?
(d) Why a compound like CaCl2 fluctuate in mass from day to day because of humidity
(e) How will you get sodium chloride salt from saline solution
(f) Exercise problems 6,9,10,15
Long Question
(a) Write note on covalent solids and ionic solids

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