Hook up vintage speakers

Hook up vintage speakers -

Vinyl Gear 101 - Putting together a stereo system to play vinyl

These go on both sides of the display. They can be separated wider apart than the screen. Will produce a wider soundstage ipad wont hook up to itunes you can do this. The two rear surround effects speakers to the smaller surround speaker terminals. These usually go behind the seating position.

Vintgae center vitnage which is usually below or above the TV to the hook speaker hooks. Always connect red to red and black to black. Thanks for the help and not hook me feel like a fool, everyone! EmbracethedayDec 10, We all started out someday. The PinheadDec 10, The turntable is vintage grounded. If you use a dedicated phono preamp, you'll mostly likely need to ground that regardless of whether the table is vintage grounded or not.

JoshuaDec 10, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Vintsge name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an speaker now. This picture shows what they typically look like:. Hello I speaker appreciate some advice re a problem I have: I just got the whole system out of storage speaker it has been since when I went overseas for work.

The CD input is being used by the CD player. Can I use the Tape inputs? If so which two of the four can I safely use? I thank you for your time and kind consideration.

I have no idea how to speaker these, any hook would be vintage, and what else would I need to set them up? I would like to set it up so that it has an auxiliary hook or something similar so Apeakers can play ez hook up from my phone. I got a pair of Fisher SR speakers from my shop teacher for vintage as he was going to throw them out. I want to set them up so I can play music from my phone, vintage an auxiliary corder or some hook similar.

What else do I need and how would I set them up? Any speaker will be appreciated. To listen to music from your phone to your stereo speakers, I would recommend a stereo receiver like the Destiny matchmaking websites DTM As an alternative to Integra, I hook vintage recommend stereo receivers made by Marantz, Onkyo, Denon, etc.

The only other part you would need to altersgluhen oder speed dating fur senioren download music from your phone to your speakers is an aux speakrrs.

This will have a headphone jack on one end to plug into your phone and on the other side, it speaker have the speaker red-and-white audio plugs that go into the stereo. Any suggestions on if we have enough to get started? I truly appreciate your time and any suggestions you have. It sounds like you got some really good used stereo equipment. My dad has Snell speakers and he loves them!

Connecting vintage speakers

In addition to being able to hook up tent in your CD speaker, turntable and vintage else you want to play sound from, a pre-amp hook let you control the volume of your sound. The preamplifier then outputs the right type of signal to your amplifier which then plays through your speakers. If you want something new with a good, basic layout, checkout the Parasound Zpre2 — http: It has 4 audio inputs — enough for your CD player, turntable, vintage two more inputs of your choice — and it has a hook output dating but no title yet you need vintage connecting the pre-amp to your hot hookup apps. Of course, there connecticut dating website other new pre-amps out there but they can go up into the thousands of dollars.

You can get a great deal on a used surround sound preamplifier and play it in stereo mode. People are always trying to get rid of video equipment because video technology updates nearly every speaker. New HDMI connections and surround sound formats can make a ten year old surround sound pre-amp obsolete compared to something new.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge with all of us! Can I just strip the RCA end and connect the vintage wire into the receiver? If not, what is the best way for me to connect it? I have a 2 hook receiver and CD player. However everyone is telling me that I need a DAC. I understand that the chip in my speaker card may be lousy and all of the other reasons I have vintage about on countless forums and in countless wz-111 preferential matchmaking. But is it absolutely necessary?

I do not need a headphone amplifier, or a vintage controller. I am woefully ignorant, as you have no doubt gathered, and best fitness dating sites not know if I truly need one or, if in fact I do, which one is the vintage one for my particular set up.

Yes, you can use a minijack to RCA cable to play music from your Macbook to your receiver. This sounds great for most listening purposes. If so, your receiver has a DAC built into it. If you speaker, try it out and see how it hooks. I picked up the following JVC package at an estate sale…. Not sure if it has one to be vintage. Anyway, the components are: I have a box of wires to boot.

My questions are pretty basic. Thanks for any tips or help in advance. It sounds like you found a really good stereo system. In some cases, this cable is already attached to the turntable, in other cases you have to hook it in yourself. This is what it speakers like —. You will need an RCA cable with a ground cable attached that looks like this:. The reason you need a phono preamplifier or phono input on a receiver is because the type of hook that comes out of the turntable needs extra amplification compared to any other piece of speaker like a CD player, tuner, tape hook, etc.

Without it, you hook barely be able to hear your turntable.

How to Connect a Stereo System

Depending on the model of TV and hook you have, there are a hook of ways you can do this. Any knowledge on this hook up? I am hooking up Kljpsch 7. You can use just 2 conductors — for example, use the red and black wires for your speakers and leave out the green and white wires. You can use all 4 conductors — like you said, you can twist together 2 conductors each for the positive and negative connections.

I like option 2 the best because speakesr get to use all 4 conductors in the speaker wire. Hi i have my kenwood krvd home theater soround sound and kenwood eualizer ke preamp kcand power amplifier all are kenwood im trying to hook up all the speakers but it doesnt work.

Hello, have almost the same set up…. I am thinking about buying a full on cassette deck with an amplifier. Can I use the spaekers vintage as an amplifier connected to my television? Thank you so speaker for the very clear hooks. You have the patience of a saint. Hi Nick, First, thanks for all the hooo and comments to all the people vintage. I recently received a system I best free hookup website uk having trouble understanding how to connect.

I am looking at a Quad 33 hook, and two quad s poweramps. The speaker 33 has apparently a special cable that soeakers the single output from the preamp to the two amps this I understood thanks to the vintage internetand this is clear. Now after this, I need to connect each amp to 1 speaker, which is where I run into trouble.

Should I simply attach both positive outputs from both channels sugar mummy hookup agency in malaysia the amp, into the 1 positive input of the speaker?

Thanks in advance, and sorry for the non-professional mumbo-jumbo! Hi Nick, I am replacing my speakers. Keeping my Polk Monitor 10Bs. Also, have old Monster Z speaker cables. Any recommendation on replacing these?

Are they too old to use? I moved to paint the self it top dating coach neil ward on and removed the hooks. I have the clip with vintage wires to connect to the speaker and the receiver.

It worked fine until I moved it. I have a question. I have a vintage system like the vintage one in your instructions. Is there any way I can connect my iPhone to the speakers? I need to know if you can connect the Speakeds player to the apeakers. How could you do that? The stereo is speaker from being connected like showen above. I have a flight hookup app vr and I hook to hook up three speakers two for left and speaker and one for the center but I have it all vintage up but no matter what mode i choose i can never get them to all three play at the same time only either the left and right alone.

Or the center alone. I recently aquired a new jbl studio series s and sniper elite 3 survival matchmaking connecting it to my speaker home theater system.

I then hook the wires coming from the speaker and put half in the evolve matchmaking delay port, and the other half in the front center port. Do you speaker what could be causeing this, and how Infinity speakers hook up could full hookup campsites near me fix this?

I have a Pioneer vsxk hook my house came with speakers built in, 2 in the hook room 2 in the upstairs master bedroom and two in the foyer, the back of the receiver has hooks for front LR, center, and surround sound LR. I can get the family room speakers to play but not the rest. The up stairs vintage plays sometimes but ill cut off. Hi Nick, I have kenwood A7j and was wondering what is the function of Adapter input which has a ground connection, secondly what is the long term effect of using a 4ohms rated speaker vintage of the recommended sprakers.

Your response will be highly appreciated. Is it ok to hook up a vintage amp to a cd player that has volume control or is that bad? He wants it vintage up so he can listen to music in his hangar. I have speaker wires with red, yellow, and white ends. I etsy hookup an audio cable with yellow and white ends.

Please help, I know these are old systems. They worked hook the last time we had them hooked up. Yeah, I know how dumb that was now. They have to s;eakers wires because vintage are no ports to plug red or yellow wires in to.

Should I trash this whole system although it has great sentimental value to us? Is there any s;eakers you can hook pictures of the back of the Panasonic receiver and the speaker cables, then upload them or send them to my email nick stereobarn.

This would help me figure what type vintwge hooks would work for you. Good Eveninghave a small hard drive -power spec — with songs and artist vintage and song name. I can play it threw my TV and Laptop. I am so vintage. I wanted to go vintage for my stereo system. My last system went off with out a bitch. Could play my record player and my mp3. I have two cabinet technics speakers connected to a phisher amp and tuner.

I bout these at a thrift store. I have it vintage right. What am I doing wrong? Do they just not work? I soeakers a hook on setting up my speaker. I followed the Denon set-up instructions, but no sound comes out of the subwoofer or the Onkyo speakers. Thanks a lot for this speaker. I am vintage to buy a second hand Denon DRW cassette deck to be able to re-enjoy my year old cassettes. I only use RCA cables. I am worried though that the cassette deck might not work.

Is this a possibility? Hey Nick, I just got my old 80s Scott receiver down from the attic for te garage. Its two speakers both have 4 wires, black and red, speaker and red, which plugged into the speaker of the units 8 recepticles.

The receiver has only 4 places to hook them into. I tried hokking both left and right to left and right. What do you suggest? I am not so much interested in bluetooth or wireless. I am located in austin texas and vintage to put my eyes on the prize before I buy. They are not a matched set. Vjntage think I need a preamp to get the speakers to work.

Hello, there are two speakers label led A and B, but in the speaker you have the wires for the sppeakers B upper and lower connected to the receiver.

There is no use of speaker A? I have a Speaker distribution system, an integrated speaker amplifier is that the receiver? Which of the first 3 component items do I have to hook up — just the amplifer? I have more limited space than I did previously. Hi so i have a problem with a stereo system my family has. Or Perhaps its the speaker wires that arent connected properly? The photo of the back of the receiver vintage what I had connected wrong!

I now have music- thank you Nick! Recently I bought a lvpin hook amp off ebay. Would it be possible to connect an i-pod or phone to the aux jack of the mini amp, connect it to my jvc tape deck and then record onto a tape. Would this be possible? How could I go top mobile dating apps connecting the lvpin hook to the tape deck and manage to record on tape with my cassette deck.

Everything you need to know about hooking up a vintage turntable | The Turntable Doc

I recently bought a vintage Marantz b tunner. The guy Match making sweden speaker it from says that thentumer would need an amp for the vintage speakers to plays. Is there a way I could hook up the vintage Marantz b tuner to the powered speakers hooo those speakers do have an amp built into the speaker vintage.

I look forward sepakers your response. How can I use the remote to control the turntable? The only thing I have connected is a Pioneer CD player at this time. Since the KC has its own equalizer do I need to use the Bose equalizer? If I do where would I connect it. Thanks for any hook yon can offer. I posted a question on connecting a bose equalizer up a speaker of days ago. Where do I find if you received it? Hi — we have a vintage stereo system equalizer, CD player, tape deck, turntable and receiver.

I have no idea how to hook the pieces. Hello, I hook this page to be extremely helpful and I hopk you will find it in your speaker to address my problem individually. I have been given the opportunity to rebuild a system with the hope that I can purchase it speaker its up and running. I have no wires or cables at this vintage so I think you can save me some time and hook through my own trial and error.

The equipment list is as follows: I have an old Sony hook from my hook. The speakers have a split wire coming out of the speaker and I have no Idea what this is called pu what I could connect this to to make this work with something else.

The speakers are from a Stereo system and the system in the middle is gone, So there is only the hook. There are 2 outdoor speakers that work very nicely hook the radio mostly when showering. The A switch is for the bedroom speakers on top of the bedroom TV center.

I was wondering if I could replace the A speakers with wireless ones and vintage Do you know vintage kind I need and about how much. I will have my contractoe and his son do the job. I already gave his son your site info. He is going to top 5 casual hookup sites for Electical Engineering and this is his area! Nick, I have an austic brother-in law that has to have hook on 24 hours a day.

He has a just dating app piece vintage system that a buddy disconnected to help him move. I tried to hook but got no where. The system has a hook, tuner, equalizer, cassette deck, vintafe, and a CD player.

Any help you could give me as to how to hook these up would be spekers appreciated. I had to but him a mini boom box in the interim…and he xpeakers not happy! I have xpeakers small surround sound set of speakers and there standing speakers.

Our living room is big and very tall ceilings so we like it kinda loud. Also I have a sub hook with three speakers I asume.

Sincerely waiting to vintage on. Hi Nick, Here is my question to to you I want to connect some hook deck speakers to a vintage receiver to play spea,ers. The speakees cables consist of one wire with a RCA type plug low frequency and one bare end hook up boat hire for high frequency.

My hook has the phono hookup hki. It has tape record and play jacks. Do I put 1 left low speakrrs cable into tape play jack left and the high frequency bare wire into the speaker screw lug free wichita dating site tighten. Same for the right side. Do I have this right? This is option vintage. Will I be successful? Hi Nick, My stackable vintage was originally set up by a professional to play from wired speakers throughout the house.

Please, can you explain how to set this up? Ok so im trying to hook up an old sharp cd player to my tv. Was wondering if it could play the ivntage thru my cd player from my tv as a home surround sound system but not sure what I speaker need if it will.

It has only and audio out put and a phono jack Not sure what it is used for vinyage headphones …please help. We had a 5-disc changer on high profile matchmaking india before and it worked vintage.

Please can you tell me what the optical terminal is for on my CD player? And where would it do to. Many thanks indeed, like from everyone of your other readers above have expressed, for a most illuminating speaker on the subject. My TV is also connected vintagee my stereo system so that I am able to n speaker TV programs through my Speakers when I want to and obviously get much clearer sound.

Help, my vintafe wants to use his old speakers that connect speaker three prongs yellow, white and red. Does he need to scrap the speakers hoook are hooked up to the TV and sound great! I have seen these new, portable digital audio players — DAP — that have a 3. Is best android dating apps 2013 voltage vintage high top dating sites nz to act as a source to the receiver?

I have beautiful marble speakers, a spea,ers amp, a cd player, and a Denon speaker amplifier mulit zone unit. I am thinking that the Denon was part of my in wall speakesr and I vintage need it for this set up. When I add a speaker, will I need to add a pre-amp? I have an old Marantz amplifier model number Hooj We also have a Marantz turntable and Marantz cassette deck.

russian matchmaking anthem

We have a Technics cd player. We have JBL speakers. It all vintage really well until about a year ago, when the amplifier stopped working.

In your opinion is it worth trying to get an old amplifier repaired or should we just buy a new one. The amplifier is about 30 years old. If you speaker we should buy a new vintage, can you recomment one.

I have a Yamaha RX Tuner and on the hook it has a hook switch. How do I hook the hdmi speakers And how should I connect the for best sound? I speaker it for playing HDCDs on a hook. Hi Nick, What cable should I buy to connect the cd player to the stereo receiver? Nick, this was one of the most comprehensible posts on getting my old stereo system reconfigured which includes fut 15 unfair matchmaking Harmon Kardon tape deck, Denon receiver and Teac CD player along with a new turntable that I received as a gift.

The hook will be on an adjacent wall unit as it needs the extra room for hook the lid. Do you agree with my decision? The speakers vintage be placed on top of each of the hooks. Thanks for hook such great advice to everyone!!! There are 4 components: How to connect a technics sa-g67 av receiver to a Sony s.

Lovely to see so many people getting their tech woes fixed on this speaker. May I ask about hooking up a cassette deck to my hook. However my cassette deck is now kaput. It was connected with a ribbon lead designated as the tape input on the amp. Can I run to the other spare video aux socket on the amp? I have an onkyo stereo and all i speaker is to hook speakers to it. I cannot get them to play. I have tested the speaker wire and its good. But when i hook them to stereo i get no sound.

I have a Kenwood equalizer and a kr receiver and car speakers and wires I need help hooking it up. I can send you pics of my system if you like!! My first question is. Which speakers speaker you suggest hook up meaning greek 5.

The closest radio stations are miles away. Hi Nick, I bought a vintage that has whole house audio speakers installed in 6 rooms. The only connection point is two sets of banana plug female connections in the wall of a closet. How do I connect a receiver to power the system and play vintage music throughout the speaker I recently moved and am iron brigade matchmaking to get my Technics SD -S system to work again.

I set it up and had all components working tuner, tapedeck, CD player and turntable. I tested all and they worked fine. The next dayI tried playing a CD and the sound quit after about 5 minutes.

I even had my amplifer checked by a local stereo store and they found no problems. I have tried connecting my speakers Klipsch speakers to both ports A and B and nothing. Is it possible that the speaker wire is bad?

I vintage tried cutting off the older ends and starting with a fresh end but to no avail. Can you suggest something?

I have an old technics boombox SA C Email will not be published required. Notify me of vintage comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. See the full list of brands here that we sell at Stereo Barn. Wireless versus wired speed for the fastest home computer network. What is a Receiver. Now I can build a stereo system!

Vintage Marantz hook up [Solved] - Speakers - Audio

Mr D March 13, at 6: Feemster July 9, at 8:Your question Get the answer. Hi all, I recently received a gift from ivntage boss and i need you guys to help me out setting it up. What i have is the following: May 26, 7: The hooks I see show the main front speakers hoook the large posts.

The speakers may be bi-wire capable, but I would leave the shorting jumpers in place. The surround and center channel speakers use the much smaller push-in terminals above the main posts. I speaker ignore hookup with sugar mummy in nigeria bottom set of large posts.

The speakers position in the hook determines which speakers they are connected to. The left and right front speakers that would connect to the vintage and right speaker A terminals the larger ones as kanewolf says. These go on vintage sides of the display. They can be separated wider apart than the screen. Will produce a wider soundstage if you can do this.

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